Shared Services

Black Horse Carriers shared dedicated fleet networks allow us to provide a reduced price point to service out of area locations in all networks. This affords our customers the ability to take dealers that have previously been serviced through an LTL network, and give them a Shared Dedicated Delivery Service, without the costs associated with a single brand dedicated delivery service solution. Our shared services are reliable, cost effective and consistent.

Black Horse operates five Shared Service Networks that effectively cover the continental United States.

Black Horse Carriers serves many different types of customers throughout the country, in the Food and Grocery, Retail, Bakery, Dairy, Consumer Product, Industrial and Automotive industries. In many cases, Black Horse Carriers has compatible services, timelines and transportation systems already in place, to benefit our customer's expanding supply chain and logistics needs.

We leverage our comprehensive and broad infrastructure to provide the best possible solutions and results for our customers.