Retail & Consumer Goods

Black Horse Carriers partners with various leading North American Retailers and Manufacturers, providing Dedicated Fleet Services and Private Fleet Replacement Services to some of the most recognizable names in the industry. The fleet solutions and flexible routing plans we develop are an invaluable benefit to our Retail customers.

Whether its opportunities to use Shared Services, or a dedicated delivery service, Our People always find the best solutions and resources for our Retail customers. We have the experience and industry knowledge to look at customer’s needs and determine what the best strategy is to accommodate challenging delivery schedules.

Our experienced drivers fully understand the nuances of Retail delivery services, and are accustomed to early morning deliveries, returnable packaging, and storefront deliveries. Black Horse Carriers uses specialized equipment including energy efficient tractors and trailers with rail lift gates, air ride and GPS tracking to ensure the highest level of service.

The innovative Technology we utilize allows us to process information efficiently and maximize our resources, so we can properly handle market fluctuations, normal business activity, and peak business events that often occur in the industry.

If you are a Retail or Consumer Goods company, currently searching for an answer to your transportation and logistics concerns, please contact Black Horse Carriers Today!