Food & Perishables

Black Horse Carriers has been providing cost effective solutions for Food and Perishables customers since 1998, when we started our journey with one customer, in Upstate NY. In a relatively short time, we are now an industry leader offering Dedicated Fleet Services and Private Fleet Replacement Services throughout the country. We continue to grow each year and serve numerous Food and Perishables customers, along with many customers in other industries.

Our specialized equipment was designed perfectly for the Food & Perishables industry with our late model fuel-efficient equipment, 53’ state of the art refrigerated, air ride trailers with electric standby. We have mixed temperature shipment capability for frozen, cooler, fresh meat, and dry product on the same trailers with bulkhead separation.

Black Horse Carriers offers attended and unattended Food and Perishable delivery 7 days a week, with 24 hours per day coverage. We only employ highly skilled drivers with driver load and driver-unload availability. Our drivers are Power Industrial Truck (PIT) trained and certified.

Our operations are geared to be able to handle market fluctuations, normal business activity, and peak business events that often occur in the industry.

If you are a Food and Perishables company, currently searching for an answer to your transportation and logistics concerns, please contact Black Horse Carriers Today!