Automotive & Industrial

Black Horse Carriers provides Service Parts Delivery Services for most of the largest Automakers in the world. It’s a unique market that requires a specific skill set and thorough understanding of the customer’s needs.

Our Automotive Division provides both Dedicated and Shared services to over 26 OEM’s, including heavy truck OEM’s, throughout the United States including the Midwest, Northeast, Midsouth, Southeast, Southwest, and California/Northwest. We perform liftgate deliveries to more than 5,500 Automotive and Heavy Truck dealers every day, 98% of which are unattended deliveries.

Black Horse Carriers uses specialized equipment that is designed to handle our customer parts and unique delivery requirements. We use energy efficient tractors and trailers with rail lift gates, air ride and GPS tracking to ensure the highest level of service.

Customers ship in many various returnable containers, such as cages, totes, gaylords, and loose cartons, and our drivers are trained to handle all of these products. By providing this service to our customers, they have been able to reduce their cost of packaging in upwards of 65% to 75%.

If you are an Automotive or Industrial company, currently searching for an answer to your transportation and logistics concerns, please contact Black Horse Carriers Today!